Saturday, April 30, 2011

2-alarm Response for Milpitas Fire Dept.

Photo By Bruce Dembecki
On Saturday afternoon, April 30, at 3:18 P.M., the Milpitas Fire Department called for FASCV's assistance. This time, it was for a house fire at 198 Evergreen Way. Don Gilbert responded in Fire Support Unit 2. He was joined by Dan Wong and Jerry Haag in Support Unit 1. Bruce Dembecki has submitted the following brief report:

Of note in this fire, the fire spread from the second story to the attic, and then into the wood shake roof. This roofing was left in place when a new metal roof was installed. While fire crews got a quick knock down on the interior fire and the attic fire, they couldn't get to the fire burning heavily in the shake roof material. Ultimately, it was a slow and labor-intensive job to remove the newer roof so that firefighters could access to the shake roof and the fire.