Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FASCV Responds into Milpitas for House Fire

At 8:24 P.M. on Tuesday, April 5, the Milpitas Fire Department made one of its infrequent calls for Fire Associates help. Arriving fire crews found a house at 442 Murray St. almost fully engulfed in flame. FASCV President, Bob Gundrum, and Vice President, Jerry Haag, responded to the 2-alarm fire in Fire Support Unit 1. They were met on scene by FASCV members Ron Green and John Whitaker with Mike Chappell also arriving to help.

Because the narrow, residential street was filled with fire apparatus, the Fire Support Unit was not able to get close to the action. It was necessary to hand-carry tables, ice chests, portable benches and food supplies to a driveway located adjacent to the involved structure. Grateful fire crews were glad to have a place to sit and rest, as this structure followed the recent pattern of a house filled with "stuff". Arriving Milpitas crews made a good stop, saving the house immediately to the west of the scene from any serious damage. Fremont Fire apparatus was called in on the Mutual Aid alarm, but was able to stay in Staging before returning to quarters.

Details of the fire can be read in the following link to an article in the San Jose Mercury News. As you read the article, be sure to notice the rare reference to a response from Fire Associates. Pretty cool!