Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bryan Stow Fundrasing Efforts

The following is an open letter to Fire Associates with additional information posted at this website:


Dear Members of Fire Associates of Santa Clara Valley,

Unfortunately it is in a time crisis when I am composing this email. As many of you may already know, Paramedic Bryan Stow was brutally attacked on Thursday night in Los Angeles while leaving Dodger Stadium. Bryan and I worked together as Paramedics and field training officers at AMR.  

We are setting up multiple fundraising events and volunteer opportunities to help ease the burden on his family. We are having a BBQ at our main headquarters 1670 Las Plumas, San Jose (next to SJS Station 34) on Wednesday, April 6, from 1200-2000

I was asked by my coworkers today if I had any contact with groups or individuals who could help us with fundraising and or volunteer time. The first group that I thought of was Fire Associates. After calling my father for a phone list, I immediately contacted your President Bob Gundrum to see if your organization can help. After speaking with him briefly, he instructed me to send out an email to the general membership. As a kid, I watched my father and your members so frequently donate their time, money, and support to those in need.
Your organization's support would be greatly appreciated in this time of need. We all would appreciate any and all support your members and your organization could provide. 

Please feel free to contact me jhwilliams4@gmail.com with any questions you may have regarding this matter. However, our main point of contact on this is Daniel Franklin, Operations Manager at AMR. His contact information is, Daniel.franklin@amr.net, and his phone number is 408-590-4222. See below for information on upcoming events and ways to donate and help. 


      Joe Williams IV
      Paramedic, QLC 
      American Medical Response 
      Santa Clara County
      Cell: 650-924-0452

      E-mail: jhwilliams4@gmail.com 


BBQ Volunteers Needed !!!
Go to  BBQ Volunteers  for information and details on how to volunteer. 
Please Help!


As of right now donations are being accepted at the BBQ and via paypal.  A trust is being set up and will be finalized by Tuesday.  I will send a follow up email regarding the specifics of the trust if anyone would like to help with that.