Friday, October 19, 2007

November Meeting Site Announced

The FASCV monthly meeting for November will be held at the San Jose Fire Department's new Station 33. This is San Jose's new station location at the top of Communications Hill. Captain Brad McGibben of "B" Shift will be our host.

A feature of the evening will be a tour of the new quarters and, if so desired, a walk-around of Engine 33. This is one of San Jose's newest engines. Previously, our visit to SJFD Station 16 also included a walk-around of their new engine (a twin to Eng. 33), but some members were not in attendance. Should be an interesting evening.

As a reminder,
Captain McGibben points out that there is not much parking atop "The Hill". There is limited space behind the station, and failing that, we are on our own to try to find street parking. It is strongly advised by Captain McGibben that individual members try to coordinate some carpooling options.

The station is located at 2933 St. Florian Drive, San Jose, CA and the meeting will begin at 7:30 PM, on Thursday, November 1st.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

September 30, 2007 - San Jose Grass Fire

On Sunday, September 30, at 15:58, FASCV responded as part of a combined San Jose Fire/Cal Fire Task Force to a Tier 2 grass fire in the city's eastern foothills. Your "Blog Master", John Whitaker, responded to Station 26 from the scene of the earlier industrial fire in Santa Clara. Taking Support Unit #2, John was met in staging by FASCV members Herman DeKruyff and George Hoyt - both of whom responded from the earlier fire. Mike Chappell also arrived on the scene at the intersection of Aborn Road and Murillo Avenue. The fire was burning in the hills between Murillo Ave. and Lazy Lane.

Firefighters made an amazing stop on the advancing flames, as several homes were directly in the fire's path. Thanks to a lot of hard effort, all were saved. Support Unit #2 was requested by the IC to meet up with San Jose's Med30, take all on of his Gatorade supply, an then go up and down a very steep and narrow Aborn Road "hitting targets of opportunity." As usual, grateful firefighters expressed their appreciation that FASCV was on the scene. Support Unit #2 was released from the fire at 19:00.

News accounts of the fire can be found at this link:
John Whitaker's photos can be seen at: SJS - Aborn Rd. Fire

-- Information provided by John Whitaker

September 30, 2007 - 4-alarm Response in Santa Clara

On Sunday, September 30, at 12:47, FASCV was requested by Santa Clara City Fire to a fire at 735 Reed Street, near Lafayette, in the City of Santa Clara. Bob Gundrum responded in Support Unit #1. It was not difficult for responders to find their way to the inferno. A dark black smoke column could be seen from throughout the Valley. A list of the FASCV responders to the fire would read like a "Who's Who" of the organization's membership. No fewer than 9 members were on scene!

Support Unit #1 was a key component of the rehab location. The fire sent off acrid smoke and strong fumes that were caused by some electronic recycling components that caught fire in a lot just outside the ESC company warehouse and an adjoining auto wrecking yard. Because of the fumes, rehab was full of tired firefighters who had been wearing full breathing apparatus.

For a news story of the event, click on this link: NBC11 News
Photos from John Whitaker and Bob Gundrum can be found here: SNC - Industrial Fire

-- Information provided by your "Blog Master", John Whitaker