Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9, 2010 -- Level 2 Hi-rise Response for San Jose Fire

Mother's Day breakfast was interrupted for two Fire Associate members. On Sunday, May 9, at 8:46 A.M., San Jose Fire paged Fire Associates to a level 2 high-rise incident at San Jose State University. Bruce has submitted the following report:

Sprinklers had been activated and there was a large amount of water on at least two floors of the dorms. The flooding was located on the 1st and 2nd floors of Tower "B" in the new dorm village complex. Bruce Dembecki responded with Fire Support 2 and was met on scene by John Whitaker.

Upon arrival, we were directed into a setup position by Med 30 and asked to hold for a few minutes before providing service. They were working to release some units and were trying to determine if we should start a coffee service. Ultimately, we were released before setting anything up. Fire Support Unit 2 was back at Station 6 and drying off at 10:15 A.M.

Friday, May 7, 2010

May 5, 2010 -- 4-Alarm Response in San Jose

On Wednesday, May 5, a peaceful, Spring afternoon was interrupted by a call from the San Jose Fire Department. Two houses were burning on the city's south side. Located at 6090 Guadalupe Mines Rd., the fire was first reported as a kitchen fire in a two-story home. By the time a 4th alarm was called, the fire had almost fully engulfed the original home as well as a large portion of the house next door.

John Whiteside responded in Support Unit 2. He was met by a nattily-dressed Bob Gundrum, Fred Oehm, John Whitaker, Jerry Haag, George Hoyt, Mike Chappell, Don Gilbert and guest, Dan Wong. John Whiteside has submitted the following report:

Comments: Full first alarm dispatched about 1215 to kitchen fire at 6090. Sta. 13 equipment reported heavy black smoke while enroute on Blossom Hill Ave. Adjacent structure (6082 Guadalupe Mines Rd.), the “B” exposure also caught, and went into attic. Fires escalated to 4th alarm with County Fire being the 4th alarm. We picked up 65 meals (Burritos, chips and salsa) from Una Mas.

I was finally released with FSU #2 about 1736 after doing traffic control when police left and cars started piling up in front of fire rigs blocking the street. I must have talked to hundreds of drivers, lined up 7 and 8 deep in cars wanting to pass thru a blocked street! Almost unbelievable!!! Actually got hoarse from talking to so many drivers!!