Thursday, July 4, 2013

Multiple-Structure Fire In San Jose Results in 3-Alarm Response

Photo By Craig Allyn Rose
Date: July 4, 1900 hrs
Agency:  San Jose - 3rd Alarm
Address:  3576 Sydney - near Piedmont
IC:  BC Mary Gutiérrez
Details:  A whole bunch of fire apparatus on scene. 1 residence complete loss + 1 with severe damage (pulled ceilings due to fire into attic). FSU-1 provided hydration after departure of Med-30 as well as delivering meals. Released ~2145 hrs.
FASCV Memebers: Bob Gundrum (driver), George Hoyt, and Don Gilbert.
  • Photos by Craig Allyn Rose can be viewed at:  Sidney Fire
-- Report submitted by Bob Gundrum